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    What I looked like during a splendid week in this magnificent city

    Antwerp Cafe, Paris-Would like to stop by here and grab a cup of coffee!!!!

    Theâtre Le Bout, Paris 10, cité Pigalle, Paris 75009-------------- Hosting an impressive 24 shows each week, the Cafe-Theater Le Bout is bound to entertain. Each of two stages pursues its independent programming to provide plenty of choices between plays, comedies, one-man (and woman) shows, concerts, and children's entertainment.

    France. I wanna go back when I'm old and I have enough money to stay in a real hotel and no one will care that I want to do more than go to clubs and get drunk. 'Cause its not like France is famous for its food, culture, wine, architecture, art museums, land marks, and countryside....oh wait.

    "There are only two places in the world where we can live happy: at home and in Paris." –Ernest Hemingway // which are really one and the same thing. ♥

    The service is slow on purpose. People don't hurry out of a cafe - they discuss Sartre, or Chanel.

    She will drive up in her Vespa to meet her date, and she never takes him home unless he is the one.

    I love Paris for its timeless history & old coffee shops filled with the aroma of tobacco & espressos.... I could spend hours in here!