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Could do something like this if I modified the arms of a clock to be loosely telescoping so they only display 3-9.

time doesnt exist - its just layin there at the table- look at it

I have old books stacked in just about every room and now I want to add a box of pocket watches or watch parts. I love this look.

Vintage gym locker and clocks. Okay, mine holds toilet paper in the bathroom...still shabby, no?

The Thieving Magpie Gallery, Richard Dunbrack

Made of cold cast resin, this awesome battery powered table or mantel clock is reminiscent of Salvador Dali’s famous painting, The Persistence Of Memory. The clock looks as though it has melted, yet still tells great time.

The clock tower of Finale Emilia (near Ferrara), after lthe earthquake of last week in the Italian Emilia-Romagna Region.

Just a matter of time ... and then it will be time again.

Quiet morning time on the 1st day of Daylight Savings - when the rest of the family are sleeping I get to have some quality alone time:)

Clock Hourglass Time: "Lost #Time," by Haikus.

the little admiral and father time clock in york, yorkshire, england by leo reynolds, via flickr

Best seen in large to get the detail. An owl and four griffins decorate this clock. This hour-striking clock with four dials was installed in 1904 in the New Market in Kirkgate Leeds by Wm Potts and Sons Leeds. The clock was designed by John and Jos