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    Hummingbird Nests/ Eggs/ Baby Hummingbird Pictures/Photos | How To Enjoy Hummingbirds

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    The hummingbird food recipe consists of 1 part white sugar to 4 parts water. This 1 to 4 ratio will closely match that found in actual flower nectar. Start by stirring the sugar into the water while bringing the mixture to a boil over low heat. Boiling the solution is important as it helps remove chlorine from the water and kills mold and yeast spores that might be in the sugar. Boil the hummingbird food recipe for two minutes and let cool. Do not boil any longer than 2 minutes or you will boil away too much of the water and change the ratio of sugar to water. I have read that higher sugar concentration resulting from boiling too long, will be more attractive to insects. Once the homemade hummingbird food recipe is cool you can add it to your feeder and store any excess nectar in the refrigerator (for 7 - 8 days) for use at a later date.

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Hummingbird animal totem is a messenger of hope and jubilation. attributes: energy, vitality, joy, renewal, sincerity, healing, persistence, peace, infinity, agility, playfulness, loyalty, affection. infinity. reminds us to be persistent in the persuit of our dreams, and adopt the tenacity of the Hummingbird in our lives.

Volcano Hummingbird (there are 54 varieties of lovely and surprisingly feisty hummers in Costa Rica - a number of them are identified as "Volcano").

"The humming bird eggs will be white and less than half an inch long, about the size of a small jelly bean or pea[...] 3 newly hatched baby Ruby-throated hummingbirds would weigh less than one American dime."

Violet-tailed Sylph Hummingbird of Colombia and Ecuador!

These little guys are starting to whistle at me when I go outside. Makes me happy! Spring is on its way // rufous hummingbird (salasphorus rufus) // hummingbirds

I think I have figured out why this bird is called a violet-ear I've been in the hummingbird aviary at the zoo a lot. I've seen this bird pretty much every time. Today was the first time I saw it do this. Another bird was getting a drink or something above it and it got mad. These ear-flaps suddenly flipped up and it chittered up a storm.

Always been like a hummingbird, and I can't keep still...Listen up lover, listen up, I never will.

Love hummingbirds! This one is gorgeous.

Hummingbird Os animais devem ser amados como se amam os homens, pois, estes diferenciam por não ter almas, mas em compensação têm muito amor pra dar, muito carinho, muito apego!!!Animais não se compram, se deve apenas amá-los!

a male long tailed sylph. the male tail feathers are so long it hinders their flight. females, whose tails are more modest, pick out males with the longest tails to mate with

Female Hummingbird, ɭ0ƲᏋ these Sweet Birds! I could sit and watch them for hours~Photo by Valerie, via Flickr~❥