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Al-Hazred: "Al-Azif" o "Necronomicón". Naturalmente tanto el autor como el libro, es una ficción ideada por H. P. Lovecraft. Es un libro de saberes arcanos y magia ritual, cuya lectura provoca la locura y la muerte. Según Lovecraft fue escrito en el año 730 de nuestra era, por al-Hazred de Yemen.

demonology. Would be really cool to make some of this lore a part of the story.

Key of Solomon

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✯ Magic Circle .. The Lesser Key of Solomon or Aggrippa's Fourth Book :: via The Occultist ✯

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The Key of Solomon

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The Key of Solomon: Plates: Plate III

The Key To The Great Arcanum

Solomonic sigils

Solomon's Seals, Pentacles of Mars

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Lesser Key of Solomon seals; the basis for almost all "evil" art in things like the Necronomicon

Ceremonial Magick: "#Goetia: The Lesser Key of Solomon: The Initiated Interpretation of #Ceremonial #Magic," by S.L. MacGregor Mathers and Aleister Crowley. A complete book of magickal symbols and sigils, by two of the most prominent and influential occultists of all time. The "Lesser Key" contains the magickal sigils of the 72 "Goetia," spirits that can be called upon by the Adept to perform actions on the astral plane.

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A 15th century magical manuscript from Oxford, depicting a complex pentagram (the 5 pointed star without a surrounding circle) and Seal of Solomon (in alchemy, the combination of the fire and water symbols (up and down triangles)). The Seal of Solomon is all that is unified in perfect balance; the Spirit Wheel.