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  • Nicole Gonzalez

    Dundun dunnnnnnn

  • Cathy Ward

    Whoever wrote this obviously hasn't been to the semmes walmart. It's a horror movie all itself

  • Claire Myers

    The mystery at Walmart! Dun dun daaaaa

  • Ingrid Falconi

    New Funny Stuff | Via Emily Willis

  • Jill Shope

    Why are scary movies always in places like jails and hospitals? I want a scary movie in Walmart. "Clean up on aisle 13" "But sir... There is no aisle 13.." +dramatic music+

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Why can't we use the metric system? It's so much simpler.

Oh my this reminds me of the skit that Jonah, Jacob, Dylan and Bowen did of Monty Python last year!! Jonah and the coconuts :'D

Just cruzing a 57 Chevy Bobinizing the entire neighborhood lol... It was the music that made him do it.... Perhaps that were that tag line came from?

haha! yep...and I'm sure someone else at Wal-mart is thinking the same thing about me when they're there.

One reason why I love "Meet The Robinsons"

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I don't know who Shane is but I would love to work with him

Meanwhile In Wal-Mart. Attention WalMart Shoppers, get your cell phone cameras ready for the crack shots you might sight in our various departments, riding carts, or cheekily hanging out. Thongs are flashing, unseemly marks are stinking. You can pinterest your pic, or Instagram or tumbler under humor because they wanted you to see it! Full MooNs, 1/4 moons they're flashing!!

The bottom one...I can't even look at it without busting out laughing. I'm actually crying.

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