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Oh, so many times.

All the time

Every time

It happens all the time!

All. The. Time.

Every single time

I feel this way all the time.

Today was one of those days for sure. I love being a mom, but sometimes I just need some time to get out of the house and do something for myself.

Next time a telemarketer calls, hand the phone to your 3 year old and tell her it's Santa.

If only reading burned more calories, then I'd be scary skinny in no time.

Every time you feel yourself getting drawn into other people's nonsense, repeat these words

Sounds about right.

Too true.

Anne Taintor

Creepy hand

Some Say He Is Still Wandering The Aisles. Help Me Wife Won't Leave. LOL!!!! Poor Husband. Michaels Craft Store. Hobby Lobby.


❥ blissfully unaware of her peril... lol

Anne Taintor

I'm laughing so hard