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Within the Navajo belief system, there resides a special type of spirit known as a chindi. Normally the byproduct of violence—whether accidental or during warfare—a chindi is made up of everything that was bad about the person who died. Failing to properly honor the burial of a person can also bring about a chindi, as well as even mentioning the deceased’s name. #unbreakable #thelegionseries #kamigarcia #YAbooks #supernatural #paranormal #ghosthunting

Can you see the transparent image of a little bald girl on the right hand side? The NEWEST Kaiser hospital in Irvine, CA, has documented 4 different spirits who wander the hall. They call this one the little chemo girl. Sometimes she is seen at the elevator and someone will offer to push the button for her. When they turn back around, she has vanished....

Tom Petty snapped this picture of Jim Morrison's grave site, which shows his image in the background. Considered an authentic ghost photo.

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Eva Peron’s Restless Corpse Part 1 of 2

For sixteen years, the whereabouts of Eva’s body remained a mystery. Finally, in 1971, Eva’s body was discovered in a grave under a false name outside of Rome. It was exhumed and flown to Spain where Juan Peron kept the corpse in an open casket on the dining room table in his villa. Juan was now married to third wife Isabel who combed the corpse’s hair in a daily devotion. This picture was taken in 1974, twenty-two years after her death. #history #creepy #death #life

The above photo recently appeared in the paranormal section of The OP writes: “This picture was taken of a nurse’s viewing monitor. On the monitor, this black figure appeared standing on top of the patient who was lying in the bed.The patient died within a few hours of this figure appearing.”

This article is my most controversial article because it contains “forbidden knowledge” and evidence proving that the Controllers have infiltrated and distorted most systems in the world, including the religious, political, educational, and financial system. If you do not believe that there are people who want to control everything that you do and think, read this mind boggling article (contains visual proof) and then ask yourself why are they deceiving you. Entertainmentfrom Entertainment

Great-Great-Grandma Visits

Taken from: do you think of this photo? My great-great grandma was dead at the time this picture of my great-great grandpa was taken.

Nanyehi. Her birth name, Nanyeh means, "she who walks among the spirit people." On the day she was born, a white wolf appeared on the horizon. This was very significant to the Cherokee people, as "white" was the color that symbolized "peace," and Nanyehi was born into the Wolf Clan, one of the most prominent of the seven Cherokee clans. Born in approximately 1738, in Chota, the capital of the Cherokee Nation.

In June 1934, two gold prospectors, who had been digging and blasting for gold within the San Pedro Mountains in Wyoming, came across a small cavern buried deep within the thick rock. When the dust began to settle, the prospectors made a startling discovery – the well-preserved, but long-forgotten, remains of a tiny human. The origins of this little human were a mystery. Local Native American tribes were known to tell stories of legendary “tiny people,” “little spirits”, or the Nimeriga.

Take a look at the picture to the right. This was a picture taken of a dead creature that washed up on the coast of California. The thing had a neck 20 feet long and four flippers. Several people were eyewitnesses.

No survivors were found on board the Ourang Medan in June, 1947, but what was most disturbing was the nature of the bodies, all frozen in place looking up towards the sun, their arms outstretched, mouths gaping, and a look of immense horror on all their faces. A trip to the communications room revealed the author of the SOS messages, also dead, his hand still on the Morse sending key, eyes wide open and teeth bared. Strangely, there was no sign of wounds or injuries on any of the bodies.

The wake served as a safeguard from burying someone who was not dead, but in a coma. Most wakes also lasted 3-4 days to allow relatives to arrive from far away. The use of flowers and candles helped to mask unpleasant odors in the room before embalming became common. In 19th century Europe and America the dead were carried out of the house feet first, in order to prevent the spirit from looking back into the house and beckoning another member of the family to follow him.

Ed and Lorraine Warren - Big names in the paranormal world, they have been the go to demonoligists for decades. Ed is now deceased, but Lorraine is continuing their work...she has been a frequent guest on the show Paranormal State.

A real estate agent was snapping some publicity pictures of another person inside the Joshua Ward house in Salem Ma. when this picture appeared when the film was developed. The Ward House was built on the foundation of former sheriff George Corwins home. Corwin was responsible for the death of many alleged witches during Salems dark days.

Chindi. Said to be the ghost that leaves the human body with a person’s dying breath. Read more here:

Jure Grando was a peasant from Istria, Croatia who died in 1656. He allegedly terrorized villagers in the area for 16 years after his death. Official documents from that time name him a “strigon,” the local name for “vampire.”Jure Grando’s case is important in vampire folklore as it was the first time in history that the word “vampire” was offic

The Julia Legare legend Back in the mid-1800s, Julia was declared dead and interred in the family’s mausoleum. 15 years later it was opened again and Julia’s remains were crumpled at the foot of the mausoleum’s door. She had been buried alive. After that every time the door was closed it would be found open a day later. Now there is no door to the J.B. Legare mausoleum, it's thought that her spirit can now rest.

Mary Bell, 11-Year-Old Serial Killer, Scotswood, England, 1968 - Murdered Martin Brown (age 4) on May 25, 1968 and Brian Howe (age 3) on July 31, 1968. Her best friend Norma Bell, 13, (not related) took part in the 2nd murder. Mary attempted many murders besides those. Quotes: “I like hurting people.” - “Brian Howe had no mother, so he won’t be missed.” - “Murder isn’t that bad, we all die sometime anyway.” (Click on picture for more details)