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INTO THE DISTANCE...we have all wandered at some point down a road that leads beyond the horizon. ..This gentle image encourages us to see life flows beautifully..There is a plan for each of us..Enjoy your journey..a road will always take you somewhere...Love Marlene

"Roadside Shrine" - Timeless black and white Fine Art Photography by Master Fine Art Photographer Marlene Neumann. Decor. Gifts. Art for your home and office.

OLD CHAIR..this beautiful image always has a new message for me each time I look at it - ...what does it say to you..would love to hear how it makes you 'feel' Marlene

A favourite image of can walk forever up and down those dunes. Lose your mind and be free...we are so wrapped up in our thoughts we seldom realise this moment is all we have..quit worrying about the will happen whether you are in it or not...Remember that...Love Marlene

SEASCAPE II...a new image in my Black and white range...spoil yourself or someone close with one of my images..there is a euphoric feeling in this image..all my work is taken in one frame and never cropped or manipulated...adding to the great mystery of life...enjoy..Love Marlene

TWO of my new Black and white images..beautiful together. Soft, gentle..serene..I am enjoying my new range. Takes you to another place if you stare at them long enough..try it. Deeply tranquil...we could all do with a little more stillness.. My GIFT to you today...Love Marlene

ONE HAPPY LADY..with an image of mine..A FIELD OF SUNFLOWERS..Elna, said it was a 'gift from myself to myself'...'I could burst into tears it is so beautiful'..every now and then 'A girl has to indulge her spirit'..spoil yourself this something for you !..Love Marlene

EASTERN CAPE ALOES...I love this time of the year when the aloes flower...incredible does not begin to describe these special beings...Notice how tall they stand how they survive the harshest climates..drought, wind, snow...sometimes even floods..and here they are a year later and flowering. Nature surrounds us with messages..we have to learn to matter what you going through..there is always a flower deep inside of you just waiting to open and meet the sun...If you see an aloe…

DRIED TREE...As winter approaches..begin to notice how the trees change..they don't have a calendar they just know..they just are...they stand there in truth with or without leaves..they are all they have..they allow the wind the weather to blow through them..they are the wind..there is no struggle...just notice a tree today..In your yard, when you drive..glance at one and know that tree has chosen you to let you know you are divinely connected to everything in this life...let go of the…

RIVERSIDE image that takes us on a journey into a far away land...many stories and windows..A romantic of lovers and wisdom..I photographed this beautiful image in may recognize the scene..Stare at it long enough and feel how it fulfills a yearning deep inside gift to you...Love Marlene