Great, now it's stuck in my head.

Carry on My Wayward Son ~Supernatural

red solo cup, you're more than just a friend

It leaves little room for practical things.


I think of this every time I hear that song!

Love it!! Lol


Call Me Maybe

: )

Watch Boy Meets World

I love it!...This is for you: @Kelli Good, @Katie Schwab, @Beth Speiser & Central Kindergarten Girls! lol

I love finding the perfect song that matches my mood it can make me calm when I'm restless, settle me when I'm angry and help me to be creative. Music is my sanity

Can’t a person sing in peace?- Lmao its so true!!

LOL @Lauren Steward @Leslie

Words to live by

Song Lyrics | Walk on the Wild Side | Lou Reed, like anchovies is an acquired taste. In other words, not for everyone.

@Catherine Sumrall Lets go babe!!!

Call Mom

mumford and sons.