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volleyball spike photo

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Artist: Horyon Lee {contemporary figurative female torso dress double exposure woman painting}

she_wore_a_white_dress_with_roses_by_texas_flower__other_still_life__still_life__d119983684dcdf1bee145a954828da6b.jpg (319×400)

In five years of Taekwondo, I have learned more abou myself and about life in general than I ever could have learned by myself. Greatest sport in the world. -Puja

A Tae Kwon Do male Martial Artist flying across a background of the korean flag. Perfect for a Tae Kwon Do classroom or instructor's office.

Gina Carano gets ready to kick some butt in this photo shoot from GQ’s January issue. The 29-year-old mixed martial artist and ex-American Gladiator


Shawn Barber

Artist: Shawn Barber {contemporary figurative female woman painting}