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Framed spools would be perfect for my little "sewing nook" in our spare bedroom. I wouldn't have togo on the hunt for spools of thread AND it would be a unique decorative piece.

small space. I think the key to a small space is organization by type and priority and keeping only the most important, otherwise it will get too crowded and ineffective.

another small one that can close up and hide the mess. ikea secretary and hutch?

this looks like organized chaos...what sewing is all about!!

I like this sewing-room-in-a-cupboard - though I might have to take the machine out to a table for large-scale projects.

sewing table and storage - great for small spaces !

Just copied that urn idea! Had one filled with smelly sticks and twigs and was wondering what in the world to do with it! Aha!! Great idea for ALL my loose ribbon. Fantastic!

In my imaginary home one day I will have the art space I dream of and am going to want to look back and see a plethora of ideas to pull from.

Vintage Antique sewing drawers repurposed - would look great in the bathroom over the toilet :D

I adore the beautiful ornate faceplates on the old machines...each one is a fabulous work of art.