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    Deaf people who changed the world.



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    There is a difference between being physically deaf and being culturally Deaf.

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    I Love You Tote - All about Deaf World and ASL - free S&H!

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    For all the people who ask “Can Deaf people drive?”


    "For Hearing People Only" offers great insight into the deaf community, deaf culture.

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    The Deaf Holocaust - Deaf People and Nazi Germany

    AUDISM. "Racism" specifically towards/about Deaf people: the prejudice Deaf/deaf people experience, that Deafness is synonymous with the lesser, worse-off, tragic and that Hearing people & culture are superior. These attitudes -a lack of understanding that Deaf people are uniquely equipped and abled, equal to Hearing in every other way- has lead to centuries of oppression and marginalization, as is often experienced by minority groups. Ex: racism or sexism.

    World Federation of the Deaf: A History | National Association of the Deaf

    "Waiting on the World to Change"

    "A Student's Guide to the Deaf Experience" - book written by Deaf and hard of hearing people which helps prepare others to interact with the Deaf and hard of hearing in a knowledgeable and respectful way