Alain Delorme

Man from #Rajasthan, #India...on a bed of chillies...

Alain Delorme.

Guilin, China. Cormorant fishing at night.The birds have twine placed round their necks and are trained to spit out the fish that they have just caught.

Tragic event, but great unusual perspective in this photograph that is some cool photo. Bad accident cruise ship on it's side!

Only in India! Needs twins for balance :-)

Wuhan, China


Li River Sunset - China

Alain Delorme

Old Chinese fisherman.

"Dogon Mask Dance" [Mali], by mobilevirgin, via Flickr. Love the use of all the shells; at least I assume those are shells.

Pencari Nafkah (by Mugie Heri Wardana, via 500px). This fisherman is the "pencari nafkah" ("breadwinner" in Indonesian) for his family.

Shanghai's bike couriers ("That's my box...right there near the bottom, sir....") ~too funny~

Wow if this is real...

Camels riders in the Gobi desert