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heart quilt from old baby clothes. I want this!!! I was thinking a crazy quilt from all of my girls blankies---this might be a better option!

Seems like an easy enough DIY - minky on the back, and a cotton print on the front, then satin baby blanket binding.

Baby clothes keepsake Quilt. Awesome! Gonna make for Maddie. I wish I would have kept more of my son's baby clothes. I never would've even thought of something like this 11 years ago though :(

Something to do with old baby clothes or other clothes you can't bear to part with but won't ever be worn again...

super easy ribbon blankie idea to make - for the wings, I just turned and top stitched and then sewed them into the rest of the owl along with the ribbons, for the eyes I used embroidery floss, and to put it all together I turned and top stitched including the wings so the wings were folded down and you could still see the ribbons. a super cute baby shower idea - especially if you love owls :)

Should so do this! I've already planned to have one made of all his "school" (field trips/special type shirts) and also his baseball/sports (if ever there is any) shirt! Quilt idea from old baby clothes

Memory Quilt Custom Made w/baby clothes...You can order it made by 22Hands --this is also great inspirations to make your own!

Baby Clothes memory blanket. Thinking about keeping a shirt from every year in school... Maybe two. Then put it together for a senior gift

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The best way to gift baby clothes... - The Meta Picture... This ones so cute, Im waiting for someone to get pregnant just so I can give them this as a gift :)

baby clothes quilt! Love this for those onesies you just can't part with.

Baby Clothes Quilt Made to Order Custom by InvisibleRedThread, $180.00