How to Escape from Zip Ties. Good to know, and probably a good thing to teach your kids as well

Escaping from Zip Ties

How to Break Out of Zip Ties; A young woman demonstrates that, in case you get into the situation of being handcuffed with a ziptie, breaking out of them is a lot easier than you thought.

Unlocking a car with a tennis ball... ill be sooo happy i repinned this one day

A Mirror or a 2-Way Glass? How can you tell when you are in a room, restroom, motel etc. with a mirror or a 2-way glass?

How to Escape Zip Ties....Scary to think about, but every girl should know how.

Wish I knew these tips BEFORE we painted our entire house! Just read these, they are quick fast easy things that will make painting a little...

How to drill a hole in a jar and put lights in it.--Good to know for those wine bottles and mason jars

Wow...( a pinner said...)How I Healed My Child's Cavity (Jess' note: this really DOES work... it has for us!)

First get a bucket of warm water, not to hot, with a cup full of epsom salt. Allow salt to dissolve before placing your feet inside. Once the salt has dissolved, place your feet inside of the water, allow to soak for up to 30 minutes. 2 Remove feet from water after 3o minutes. Scrub gently with toothbrush to remove all loose, dry skin. This only takes a small amount of time. The skin should be very easy to remove. Rinse feet with water and pat dry with towel, need for summer!

How to make the perfect bow, the Tiffany way. No knots!

DIY. Tutorial on how to hollow out a light bulb.


Titanium Escape Ring It's got a handcuff key and a little serrated knife to cut through zip ties


How to history - website with tons of tutorials on ancient crafts & skills

OH EM GEE For those of you who know me and the fact that I'm obsessed with survival techniques - this site was built for me! Everything from lock-picking, escaping zip-tie handcuffs, and tactical driving skills.

Wilderness Survival Guide: Basic Wilderness Survival Skills