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7 sleeping baby pandas

Baby Animal Posts

"Saw a little red fox today out on the nature trails. It was running pretty quick, probably out for a hunt. I was excited because I've only seen a red fox one other time and never this close!"

When we’re kids, a friend is an easy thing to come by. A friend is someone who has the same sneakers on as you and shares a pb sandwich on the playground at lunch. A friend is someone you see every day, in neat rows in classrooms, copying off each others’ homework. It’s someone you’re sure will be there when you get off the bus, someone who is a constant in your life, something certain.


Black wolf

Black Wolf


Beautiful Snow Leopards

Toucans, Brazil | LadyLuxuryDesigns

National Geographic Photographer of the Year 2011 Runner Up - Cyril Ruoso from France took the picture high in China's Qinling Mountains. The young golden snub-nosed monkey is warming its extremities. "If mother is not around to cuddle up to, sitting like this is the best way to keep warm in the extreme winter cold."

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Lynx by René Unger

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Sunrise Lion