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I thought this was funny because I definitely don't have this issue. Lol

I will probably feel this way all my life. even though I was born in 1990. More like I feel the 90s were ten years ago


36 Of Our Favorite Parenting Memes

This explains SO much. lol

"For those who desire to, but lack the occasion, create your own occasion, then; even if the occasion is simply you. Don't follow the pack; lead the pack. Now go, dress like a man!"- Dammy O'

This is exactly why I gave up sleeping in past 7 for Lent. It's been a struggle. Not sure I can keep it up after Easter though!

Cry for Help by Somee: Chuckle. And pass me a cookie, please.

from Year of Austere

Blog post 64/366: Homework Austerity

Procrastinator? No. I save all of my homework until the last minute because then I'll be older, therefore more wise.

I pinned this from you, dear Maud and it is perfect for this board...So may I pin it in your honor beautiful hearted Maud? Happy Holidays Maud and Everyone XXX's and OOO's


I'm actually not funny.

I'm actually not funny, I'm just really mean and people think I'm joking