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Catwoman's Weakness Revealed

Funny pictures about Bat-laser pointer. Oh, and cool pics about Bat-laser pointer. Also, Bat-laser pointer photos.

The moment you realize the Dark Knight has a Spiderman 3 poster | Marvel vs DC

The Dark Knight hidden advertisement…

Funny pictures about The Dark Knight hidden advertisement. Oh, and cool pics about The Dark Knight hidden advertisement. Also, The Dark Knight hidden advertisement.

Star Wars and Disney have been together for awhile, Disney just owns it now... Hey look at Star Tours and all the awesome merch in Fantasyland! And this is a cute picture George probably doesn't regret it, people are just moronic and don't like change.   Oh and Disney owns Marvel. So thank them for The Avengers movie.

Sad George Lucas…

Funny pictures about Sad George Lucas. Oh, and cool pics about Sad George Lucas. Also, Sad George Lucas.


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Deadpool And Spidey Won First. - The Best Funny Pictures Batman and Joker

Batman’s Prank Call…this is funny because i love spiderman and he's reading atlas shrugged..i am too!

Batman’s Prank Call…

Funny pictures about Batman's Prank Call. Oh, and cool pics about Batman's Prank Call. Also, Batman's Prank Call.

I'm gonna cross stitch the shit out of this Pink Batman

Funny Quotes And Images Pink fabulous batman retro vintage comic book pop art illustration

The Evolution of Batman! ☀

Funny pictures about The Evolution of Batman. Oh, and cool pics about The Evolution of Batman. Also, The Evolution of Batman.

Original caption:  Batman #99 I had this drawing almost completely done late last night then somehow managed to erase the entire thing. I started again at 2am....

The second depiction of super heroes playing vid games that I've seen today. Totally f***ing sick, if you want my opionion.

another good one would be *mr.bat man why did you steel christmas? "MY PARENTS ARE DEAD " he said "I CAN STEEL IF I WANT!" he said "il bring it back" he said

As a geek, I approve. As a corporate type, I like how this shows the benefits of disrupting expectations. Also, I'm batman. (I'm not batman.) You could also do Robin is red Nightwing is blue Rhyming is hard Being Batman is too

Which Is The Better Home Business Choice, Beachbody Coach Or Mary Kay? | Becoming A Beachbody Coach

This is just too funny not to share! I'm not knocking Mary Kay products or distributors.just think its a great tag line for a pic of the Joker.

Nine superhero pickup lines… my reactions:  Spiderman - Eww, no.   Human Torch - Come back when you become Captain America.   Flash - Run Away. Hulk - Not interested in giant green rage monsters. Iron Man - ...Really?  That's the best you, Tony Stark, could come up with?  I am so disappointed in you. Thor - What?  No Hammer jokes?   Daredevil - I wish I was blind after having to sit through your movie.   Superman - Don't make me use my kryptonite pepper spray.   Batman - ...I'm available.

Nine superhero pickup lines…

Funny pictures about Superhero Pickup Lines. Oh, and cool pics about Superhero Pickup Lines. Also, Superhero Pickup Lines photos.

Don't quit your day job. - Imgur

Don't quit your day job.

Part Time Jobs of Superheroes. But I think they forgot the Ironman doesn't need s part time job, he is just as wealthy as Batman.