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    Neat! - Sculptural Fashion - beautifully flowing contours and symmetrical 3D structured design; the art of fashion | CHECK OUT MORE Nerdy SHOTS AT | #Nerdy #Nerdlife #Geek #Geeky #Geeklife

    avant garde fashion | ... new exhibit Future Beauty: Avant-Garde Japanese Fashion

    fabric treatment, fabric manipulation, couture details, gathering, layering, fashion design, knit, knitwear design, Pinched, puffed & ruffled - creation by YIQING YIN

    Wearable Art - sculptural fashion with layers of pleated ombre fabric creating a cocooning structure around the body; 3D fashion // Miriam de Waard

    Wearable Art - top with sculptural pleat patterns beautifully structured symmetry; 3D fashion // Sandra Backlund

    Sculptural Fashion - dress with rigid 3D contours & long flowing skirt - contrast of soft & hard; sculpted fashion // Alon Livne

    Sculptural Fashion - black dress with soft voluminous 3D structure - creative fabric manipulation; experimental fashion design // Lever Couture

    Sculptural Fashion with intricate laser cut floral pattern & 3D shape; artistic fashion // Kamilya Kuspan

    Sculptural Fashion - dress with structured symmetry & rich texture mix, inspired by sea life & natural forms found underwater - fashion as art // Chen Ariel Nachman

    Sculptural Fashion with interconnecting 3D patterns & artful symmetry - experimental knitwear design; wearable art // Katherine Mavridis

    Fashion as Art - sculptural design with fabric manipulation to create a woven structure bold 3D fabric textures // photography by Madame Peripetie

    Fashion as Art - sculptural fashion with strong geometric lines, using fabric manipulation to create 3D shapes & dramatic structure; Michele Castellano

    Sculptural Fashion - symmetrical 3D armor-like structure with complex surface construction exploring the theme of mutant creatures; conceptual fashion design // Leyre Valiente, "Chimaera"

    3D printed dress

    Structural fabric manipulation for fashion with an artful use of cut, fold & repetition - innovative 3D surface design // Anne Sofie Madsen

    Fashion Architecture - 3D pattern structure; experimental fashion constructs

    Voluminous dress with embroidered fabrics & sculptural silhouette - 3D fashion; wearable art // Claudia Li

    Sculptural Fashion - 3D contoured headpiece; fashion as art // Philip Treacy

    3D printed millinery in black | 3D Print : Fashion + Photography | Design @ b3dge-log |

    Fashion Architecture - 3D structured sleeve detail; futuristic fashion; close up fashion // Iris van Herpen, ss12

    Anne Selby textured silk