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Tim White - Thoughtworld by myriac, via Flickr | Click through for a larger image

The Mormons were one of the first targets in the beginning of the invasion. Turns out the Scientologists were right; both events were considered epic.

Source unidentified. Perhaps cover art for a book by Stewart Crowley.

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quick sci fi paintings by alex-ichim | Author's note: "Some quick sci fi paintings - about 90 min each" | Sci-Fi futuristic technology spaceships concepts

Oooh! Here's Cyrion spaceport. Okay, more or less.....................Art by Les Edwards

Space Fiction, Retro-Future, sci-fi art

Great or Terrible landing, you decide. "I parked it on the left." - Guy still alive.

Cover painting for Falling Free, Lois McMaster Bujold (1988) by Peter Elson