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  • Melissa E

    Aspen road in Boulder, Colorado. #america #usa #backroads #roadtrip #scenic #landscape #nature

  • Sabine van Mourik

    Aspen Road, Boulder, Colorado photo via michelle/ These are my beloved Aspen trees (largest living organism in the world!). I spent so much time in forsets like, camping s a kid and young teen! Homesick!

  • Joe Newman

    Aspen Road, Boulder, Colorado | PicsVisit Bucket List America

  • Leslie Kelley

    Aspen Road, Boulder, Colorado, USA // "Country roads take me home to the place I belong..." //

  • Cindy Conway

    Aspen Road, Boulder, Colorado Road Trip

  • Hussein Said

    Magnificent Photos for Human Eyes - Aspen road in Boulder, Colorado #Beautiful #Places #Photography

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Amalfi Coast Drive, there's a ride! Takes my breath away thinking about going around that curve.

Colorado. This is why I moved to Colorado. Mountains, skiing, so beautiful. I LOVE to get out of shitty Denver and see the beautiful parts of the state.

Boulder Falls in Boulder Canyon, Boulder, CO. So beautiful. The waterfalls are so nice and the sound is so restful and brings my soul such peace.

Down the path, into the trees, amid a sea of fiery reds, oranges, and yellows. Plunging straight into fall, right into that huge heap of leaves, toward cool, brisk mornings, and the gentle scraping of the leaves as they skid across the ground, pushed along by a biting wind. Cozy nights bundled up beneath a wooly sweater and warm blanket. Autumn.

Autumn mist on a country road. I'd love to drive down this road to look at the leaves!

Summer in the mountains by Danielle Nelson

What a great walk this would be.

to drive down a country road,, and not have a care in the world,,, spend time with loved ones and friends,, picnic and enjoy the day

I love the fall!!! It's my favorite time of year for sure :) And horses are obviously my favorite animal....Beautiful Pic!!!

See The Aspen Trees turn colors in the Fall (Done - numerous times on the way to Aspen & Vail - 70's)

Autumn aspens in Crested Butte, Colorado • photo: Wayne Boland on Flickr