An Emerald with Diamonds, a Double-crested cormorant photo taken in Everglades National Park, Florida, by Amy Marques | Audubon Magazine Awards, 2010


Who knew that Quails were so lovely?

Beautiful blue bird - not a bluebird, but perhaps a bunting in its hummingbird like tree swing nest. I'll have to research later! DdO:) - TINY MIRACLES all around us... Do we see all these EVIDENCES OF GOD? So many... Math & Science & statistics would back up anything else with so much evidence: See end of Romans 1.

Dancing Egret ~ Miks' Pics "Fowl Feathered Friends lV" board @

our-amazing-world: “ beautiful bird Amazing World beautiful amazing ”


zoo-gallery:Guinea Turaco The delicate and colorful beauty in our fancy little feathered friends makes me want to sing softly and Cinderella’ish… *smile* ~Charlotte (PixieWinksFairyWhispers)


Purple parrot

Technically not fur... but very pretty

I loved the noisy, beautiful peacocks that lived in the zoo I worked at one summer.

Beautiful blue macaw • photo; annette.beatriz on Flickr



Wild Cockatoos by Leila Jeffreys

Imperial Pheasant. Don't think I've ever seen these feathers before...


Java Kingfisher, Halcyon cyanoventris, Bali.

sweet as can be.