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Instructions for creating your own Tardis door

I don't remember if our new house has a door or not to the laundry room. Since it is such a huge room (hubby wants to use it an office and laundry room) if it don't have a door then we are adding one because this will be perfect!

OMG. A tardis door vinyl sticker. I want one. And I want a Dr. Who costume party to go with it.... #DrWho

Police Box door decal vinyl sticker Its bigger on the inside. to have a Dr. Who Tardis door.

Dr. Who TARDIS doormat

TARDIS Dr Who doormat geekery fan art doormat. Kind of describes our tiny little apartment, too ;

Five Household Uses for a TARDIS

I’m opening pre-orders for the next round of TARDIS nightlights. 11 4 more TARDIS Lamp/Nightlights for sale The TARDIS lamp/nightlight glows softly with an internal.

This is cool! ... literally! #DoctorWho

This is cool! ... literally! #DoctorWho

Tardis case (homemade)

Tardis Case

Doctor Who TARDIS Kindle Fire Case. but I don't have a kindle fire. I just have a plain old kindle.

DIY TARDIS bookshelf.  I SO need this!

Doctor Who TARDIS Bookcase DIY. Love this idea, because reading takes you to new universes and on new adventures. And so does the Tardis! I just had a little nerd moment right there! So hard to decide if this goes in fandom or the book nerd board

The Nightmare Before TARDIS. Sigh. I wish. Instead of tim burton's, it should say Stephen Moffat's

The Nightmare Before TARDIS

Tim Burton's Doctor Who, starring Johnny Depp as the Doctor and Helena Bonham Carter as his companion. Or maybe she's the villain.