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New 7 Wonders of Nature: The 28 Semi-Finalists

Amazon Rainforest


If we continue at the rate at which we are going,... — Posters For GOOD

*RE-PINS #9* - Climate change

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Clean Air or Clean Hair? Palm Oil In Everything

Horrifying! Deforestation in Borneo - 1950 - 2005

Please share this to help spread awareness about ocean acidification. #Save the ocean. #SOS. Increasing levels of carbon dioxide and decreasing of pH level of seawater is killing all these beautiful organisms.

There are nearly three million indigenous people in the Amazon rainforest, from over 300 different indigenous groups. Some still live in voluntary isolation from the outside world.

Quantum physics has scientifically proven what the yogis, Buddhas, and Mystics have always taught, namely that the reality we perceive as being ‘out there’ in a fixed state is in fact an illusion. Instead what we are actually dealing with is a field of infinite possibilities which is in a constant state of flux. The reality we perceive is what our brain has come to assume is there.

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Massive Louisiana sinkhole just keeps on growing

Massive Louisiana sinkhole caused by oil industry just keeps on growing

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Plastic-Eating Fungi Found in the Amazon May Solve World’s Waste Problem

Plastic Eating Fungi Found in the Amazon May Solve World's Waste Problem by Emma Hutchings, Fungi have been discovered which can anaerobically degrade polyurethane! #PUR #Fungi #Science


6 Ways to Avoid Palm Oil (And Why You Should)

6 Ways to Avoid Palm Oil (And Why You Should)1. The most common name palm oil is disguised under is “vegetable oil.” 2. Most prepackaged snack foods made by corporate giants (Nestle, Unilever, etc.) contain palm oil. 3. If a product's saturated fat content makes up more than 40 percent of its total fat content, it will almost always contain palm oil.

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Project AWARE on

#DiveAgainstDebris today and support the movement for a trash free ocean - Photo Malik Naumann - Marine Photobank

Help conserve our fragile waters #greenup This world is really awesome. The woman who make our chocolate think you're awesome, too. Try some Peruvian Chocolate today!

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Breathe, you'll get there.