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Titanic deaths. Irish woman Margaret Rice and her 5 children all died. Queenstown, Cork in Ireland. They were 3rd class passengers
  • Tammy Shook-Smith

    Margaret Rice and her five sons were on one of these boats on their way to the ship Titanic

  • Rie Bech

    RMS Titanic (1912) April 11, 1912: The tenders Ireland (left) and America (right) shuttle passengers and luggage to the Titanic. The port was not deep enough for Titanic to dock so she lay out in the harbor.

  • Chris Badzioch

    The Titanic: Irish Mother Margaret Rice and Children Died when Sank

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Now hopefully I can find one from the Titanic = my favorite and greatest section of all time! Cross-section of the HMS Olympic from the August 14, 1909 issue of "The Illustrated London".

Titanic time line of when everything took place. Just a little bit off and my grandfather would have been a baby on the sinking Titanic.... luckily for me he was on another ship

Leadership gains/failures by all ships "relevant" to that fateful night:

*LONDON HERALD: TITANIC SINKS The world was shocked over one of the most tragic crash in history with name Titanic. Which have lost at least 1,517 lives (some accounts say even more), making it one of the deadliest maritime disasters in history." quote from newspapers.

When a ship it sinks it leaves a path of debris (objects from within the ship or objects breaking off). Depending how deep the vessel sinks this debris can be scattered over a large distance. On a shorter descent, the debris falls more or less vertically. However, as the Titanic sank 21/2 miles a huge debris field was expected.

My 10 year old Granddughter is totally obsessed with the Titanic. She reads everything she can get her hands on!

Titanic! www.intrepidexplo... She was huge, this foto enlarged shows just how small the submerciful was/is..great shot