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Playing in the rain is already fun. Playing in the rain with my love with be 10 times more fun.

well, it's been done, but who doesn't love a whole day out on the water!?

little things that make you smile ♥ ready for motor boating on the lake!

@Mallory Peterson  i mean, not to kiss mal, but she gets this.  =)

I want snow ! and i want a kiss. There's no snow in south franche.

Already kinda did, I guess.

Bucket List: Fall in love with my best friend. :) It's fun to check things off my list!

The notebook

51 Important First Times In Any Relationship

Have love like allie and noahs love love quotes quotes quote the notebook love sayings allie noahs

find the "imperfect" man that is perfect for me


Best things bout best friends (:

Yep this is me and my bestie we all love the squad and we sorta act like a mini fam when one is hurt we find out who we have to hurt and make the friend feel better


"you be the anchor that keeps my feet on the ground + i'll be the wings that keep your heart in the clouds." To dream.

All ready danced in the rain and carved my name into a tree :) check and check

Have a best friend ✔ Be an aunt ✔ Recieve a red rose ✔have someone win me a stuffed animal ✔kiss in the rain ✔️