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pvc pipe sprinkler made with misters. by lelia

KidWash 2 : PVC Sprinkler Water Toy - 2 ten foot lengths of PVC, 3 end caps, 1 threaded female hose connec

A Dozen Things You Can Make For Your Kids with PVC Pipe | Apartment Therapy

A Dozen Things You Can Make For Your Kids with PVC Pipe

In and around the swing-set at mom and dad's. DIY PVC home-style water park. Connect a hose to PVC that has holes drilled throughout and hang the structure so kiddos can run through.

Sprinkler out of pvc pipe by lelia

ok make it smaller and hang for hot summer days in the chicken area Sprinkler 11

How cool! I envy any child who can play in a fort as fantastic as this. You can make one for your kids using only PVC pipes and blankets. I bet you and your kids will have lots of fun with it.   I was able to dig up the …

How to Use PVC Pipe Build A Playhouse or Fort

PVC Pipe Fort/Playhouse Tutorial - I just might switch R's Christmas present from a teepee to a PVC playhouse!

PVC waterfall. It cost $18 to put together, including the hose attachment and new PVC glue.

PVC waterfall: best idea for the summer very fun to play in and intertaining for the kids

We Love Being Moms!: 30 PVC Pipe Ideas for Kids with Tutorials

Pipes and funnels with pvc pipe and fittings for a backyard water park kid-stuff

The Water Bottle Sprinkler

Easy DIY Sprinkler First, drill holes into a bottle. Then using duct tape, attach the bottle to a garden hose. Turn on the water for a short-term sprinkler.