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A story about Julio Diaz. Social Worker for the WIN.

Funny pictures about Some faith in humanity has been restored. Oh, and cool pics about Some faith in humanity has been restored. Also, Some faith in humanity has been restored photos.

The Brighter Side Of Life

The Brighter Side Of Life

love Unbelievable Acts Of Kindness - such a wonderful read pay it forward people

Window washers at a children's hospital, seriously how awesome are these guys.  Can you imagine the kid's when they see this?

Window washers at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh. this has got to be the coolest thing ever for the kids in the hospital beds to see super heroes outside their windows. hell I was excited to have a tree out mine

I was little disappointed... I found this in the funny section, and read all the writing to no avail... Then I saw the woman photo bombing in the background. She's the one far ahead of her time!!! HahahaXD (the man scratching his face is pretty good too)

A woman ahead of her times…

Funny pictures about A woman ahead of her times. Oh, and cool pics about A woman ahead of her times. Also, A woman ahead of her times.

Kids don't see color

While standing in line these two little girls hold hands while the mothers are completely unaware. It's the simple things in life that warm my heart. How sweet is this?

Awesomeness Level: Keanu Reeves I just feel in love all over again.

Awesomeness Level: Keanu Reeves

Faith In Humanity Restored - I never knew any of this. So sad someone has had to go thru so much pain. He always has seemed like a down to earth guy- He knows what is important in life. Not materialistic things. I'm even a bigger fan of his now.

The Story of Tank- Unconditional Love. I never pin these long pins but this one I couldn't resist.

The Story of Tank - ok to read, the dog doesn't get hurt or suffer. Very touching story about a American Soldier, his duty to his country, and the love of his dog, is a good ending for Tank.

Jennifer Lawrence, i think this is amazing!<<<<<<<<<<This is good, but wrong. He should not be publicized for having down syndrome. Jennifer probably didn't become friends with him because of his disability, she probably became friends with him because he was a good person.

Jennifer Lawrence is amazing!

Jennifer Lawrence faith in humanity restored. She is so humble, all the more reason so respect and love her. So sweet xx

She's still pretty to me... But that's not the point. She was an accomplished activist before it was fashionable. Even this picture shows the inner radiance she had, that was attributed to her beauty. She also possessed the ability to put everyone around her at ease and give their best performance. She was a very special person. She got that Medal for hard and dedicated work. You don't see her getting a Croix  de Guerre for all that work for her country in WW2.

Funny pictures about Older Audrey Hepburn. Oh, and cool pics about Older Audrey Hepburn. Also, Older Audrey Hepburn.