Play At Home Mom LLC: Water Board

A water wall - lots of fun and great outdoor sensory, science play.

Water Piñatas! Great for a hot day with the kids for fun! Just think about these with a waterproof prize in each. FUN!!

Music wall


This would be a cute activity for "The Little Red Hen".

Beautiful! love the baskets and playstands. Maybe one of our carpenter parents could make a playstand or two?

seat cover - Kinderküche Wow, how #unique & #creative, yet #simple is that?? Love this easy #Kids #Kitchen that can easily be #folded up & #stored away. This is great for #small spaces. And its a #washable #toy! ~mtia~

Fun things to do with kids

Water balloons and color tablets in the bath.

Water Wall for backyard play. This website has the most incredible backyard ideas . . .

Sue has gotten us a lot of wonderful, new, indoor gym equipment, but at this time of the year, I can't help but "Think Spring". Wouldn't it be fun to build something like this to put in the grass at the far side of the playground?!

Play At Home Mom LLC: Bubble Boy

plastic sheeting + duck tape = hours of fun.

DIY glow in the dark play dough!

Fill balloons with DIY sidewalk chalk and... SPLAT!!

outside play structure. Climb over, play under

Neat idea!

water play