Adding to sub plans

We love Danielle's substitute teacher report sheet!

The Best of Teachers Pay Teachers: FREE MISC. LESSON - “Weekly Planner Sheet”

Cute form for note to the teacher; also cute birthday card idea for birthday student if subbing on that particular day. :)

Editable substitute note

Substitute Report

Teacher Organization - I am so doing this for this coming year!

elementary school teacher websites

Call-and-answer attention grabbers- Cool Teach - Adventures in Teaching: classroom management

Teacher's Prayer | Holly Monroe Calligraphy – Holly Monroe and Clifford Mansley : Heirloom Artists

What kind of teacher do you want? 1st day activity

Journey of a Substitute Teacher: Substitute Preparedness #7: Sub Binder *freebie*

Great notes.

Top Ten Teacher Time-Savers...Pinner says imagine leaving school while it is still light can happen. Since I had children of my own, I had to figure out some ways to organize my classroom so I am no longer spending hours upon hours after school preparing lesson plans, making copies, grading, and even cleaning up. This post is my favorite ten tips to keeping a classroom organized so teachers can actually spend some time during the school week outside of their classroom :)

Free Printable School Notes

Great idea!

Teachers: the Hang-Ups Family Organizer is perfect to use in the classroom! I like this idea better than the absent folders, easier to place the extras in the folder and reduce clutter on my desk.

I might be a High School teacher but I am totally doing this for my kiddos. Even though I might have to make over 100. Loads of Meet the Teacher/Open house ideas here!!

25 Things Successful Teachers Do Differently - very good and true!!! Print this and read it EVERY DAY!!!!

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11 Things Coaches Should Look For in Classroom Observations- For all my dearies in Step 1