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Waikiki Beach: It used to be a swamp—its name, which means ‘spouting water’ comes from the springs that fed the taro patches and fishponds—but Waikiki also had a two-mile crescent of sand, plenty of sunshine and perfect waves rolling into shore. So in the early days, after Honolulu became the capital of the Kingdom of Hawaii in 1845, the royalty wisely chose to build their beach homes on Waikiki.

North Shore Oahu, Hawaii...been there but want to go back :)

Waimea Falls on the North Shore ~ Oahu, Hawaii • photo: Darrel Larson on Flickr

✮ Diamond Head Lighthouse - Honolulu, Hawaii

Turtle Bay Oahu's North Shore Hawaii.

Oahu's south shore is never short on amazing views!

North Shore. Grant Ellis photographer.