Removing glitter nail polish. Whoever figured this out should get a Nobel Prize. I'll be happy I pinned this later.

How to remove glitter polish

Glitter nail polish is great, until you try to remove it. Instead of fighting with it during removal, use Elmer’s glue before you paint it on. When you use glue as the base coat, your glitter nail polish will actually just peel right off when you are ready to change colors and the glue can keep your polish in place for up to a week.

How to fix a broken nail - simple solution that takes only a minute!

How to Easily Remove Nail Polish--This is a good idea for the gel polish removal.

Make your own super simple nail polish remover.

Removing glitter polish: soak cotton in acetone, place on top of nails, and wrap this in aluminum foil. Walk around apartment feeling like a crazy person.

Flat Iron Tips and Tricks. Every girl can use these tips. Pin now read later - Click image to find more Hair & Beauty Pinterest pins

best idea ever..

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Love gel manicures? Learn the right way to remove them without making your nails thin or flimsy. Plus a must-have remover you'll buy by the gallon.

How to avoid brush strokes, brilliant!


You apply a clear coat of polish to the nails, dip the nail into the glitter pot, make sure the glitter covers the whole nail, carefully remove it from the pot, then wipe off any excess. The result is gorgeous. It’s a matte glitter finish unlike conventional glitter nail polish.

Set a manicure in record time. Lightly mist freshly painted nails for instant smudge protection

robin egg blue nails


Spring Nail Polish

Gel-effect lacquer that's easily removable with nail polish remover. Yes!

Add cornstarch to clear polish to get matte finish