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    • Annamarie Lujan-Greene

      *TITANIC ~ Southampton Remembers tells the hidden stories behind the tragedy including the tale of the killer who escaped the hangman's noose only to perish in the north Atlantic. William Mintram from Southampton, who was convicted of manslaughter, worked as a stoker on the ill-fated liner. Joyce Mills remembers her great grandfather in one of the Titanic's darker tales.

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    This wooden clarinet salvaged from the wreckage of the Titanic, is among some of the artifacts recovered from Titanic.


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    John Jacob "Jakey" Astor VI (1912–1992) American socialite & businessman. Dubbed the "Titanic Baby", best known for his affiliation with the RMS Titanic, being an unborn survivor of the sinking. He was born four months after his father, John Jacob Astor IV, died in the sinking of the Titanic, whose estate was around $100 million (equivalent to $2,418,965,517 in 2013). Jakey inherited $3 million on his 21st birthday, which by that point had grown to $5 million (equivalent to $90,167,095 in 2013)

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    *TITANIC~The Turkish Bath. This luxurious space was reserved for the the exclusive use of first class passengers. Amazingly, the delicate porcelain tiles survived the sinking almost entirely intact. Notice the stunning colors that are still vibrant after a century. The expedition that captured this image (actually created by stringing together several video frames) was led by James Cameron and penetrated further into the wreck than any previous expedition before. (credit to National Geographic)

    Thomas Andrew's Memorial (designer of the ill fated Titanic), Comber, Co Down, Northern Ireland.

    Various amazing artifacts recovered

    Memorial to the Engine Room Heroes (of the Titanic) Circa 1916The memorial was originally intended to be for the thirty two engineers who stayed at their posts on the tragic night of 15th April 1912 when the Titanic (built in Belfast for the Liverpool based White Star Line) sank .

    Saloon Steward: Thomas Whiteley, 18, from London was a steward in the first class dining saloon. Whiteley later recalled a dinner party attended by Captain Smith, Dr O’Loughlin and J.Bruce Ismay amongst others, at one point ‘Dr. O’Loughlin rose and lifting his glass, exclaimed: ‘let us drink to the mighty Titanic.’ With cries of approval everybody stood up and drank the toast.’ (North Berks. Herald, 20th April 1912 p.2). Whiteley was left behind after the last boats had been launched but

    A 100-year-old suitcase belonging to Millvina Dean, the last remaining survivor of the Titanic

    Part of the grand staircase

    Life jacket from the Titanic.