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Allergies to Cloves

by Danielle Hill
Clove is a highly aromatic herb, widely used as a spice in cooking, as an ingredient in fragrances and as an herbal remedy for varied ailments. Many processed foods and products use trace amounts of clove oil, derived from the plant. Individuals with an allergy to cloves usually react to the oil its...
  • Biosource Naturals

    You may also want to try Frankincense, Lemon, Patchouli, Rosemary, or Ylang Ylang Essential Oils to help ease and lift depression and its symptoms.

  • Loralei85

    Indian Sleep Remedies

  • Sabrina Richardson

    Herbal Remedies Using Everyday Herbs

  • Jeanie Mitchell

    Natural Herbs That Help With Healthy Brain Function - I'm pinning this due to the caveats - I can't use any of them due to other medications or conditions.

  • Noel D'Costa

    How to Use Amla for Skin Care - #eczematreatment #treatmentforeczema #treatmentsforeczema #eczematreatments #eczemaremedies -

  • LaDonna Billiot

    herbal medicines for skin cancer

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I have an excessive amount of Borage in my garden. I need to see if I can make the Davids in the house like it. David Jr. loves to snack on the flowers. But David Sr. Would like it to go away. I love the Blue flowers, candy for the eye and a fun snack.

Frankincense, Lemon, Patchouli, Rosemary, and Ylang Ylang are also great Essential Oils to aid with the lifting of depression.

Native American herbal remedies have been used for centuries to cure common illnesses and treat various health conditions. Without access to doctors or hospitals, Native Americans relied on the many plants that grew around their homes. Much of this knowledge has been forgotten; however there are those who are trying to document the remaining recipes.

Considering my dairy allergy, this really helps when I slip up and then feel lethargic all day. Beats taking meds :)

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Poison ivy-brew a strong pot of peppermint tea, refrigerate, then soak cloth and apply Fevers- handful of mint leaves in 4 cups of water, bring to a boil, strain, cool dip cloth into solution and apply Burns- soak cloth in ice cold milk and apply to burn Rash-brew 3 fresh flower per 1 pint boiling water, steep then refrigerate, strain and apply to affected skin

Adaptogenic Herbal Smoothie Mix...this is instant energy in a herbal powder form!!!