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Berries on a date!

Berries on a date!

Mountain Ash berries - never tried these!

Mountain Ash Berries in January Edmonton Alberta River Valley

White Snowberry (Symphoricarpos albus)

Also known as White Coralberry, White Snowberry is a popular hollow stemmed deciduous shrub with opposite toothed or irregularly lobed leaves. A good wildlife shrub for thickets or hedgerows.

See how big and perfect the berries are? Yuck. I prefer the tiny, delicious, imperfect ones Nature provides in gardens and forests.

I picked these wild berries at a golf course and have no idea what kind of berries they are. Does anybody know if these berries are edible?

Google Image Result for http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_fMsVSpXzzfw/S_NY-Khy-1I/AAAAAAAAAa8/eLXMoWvwx5M/s1600/berries.jpg

Here's a picture of todays Strawberry harvest from the garden. Home grown berries are SOOOOO.

A Berry Threesome! Whaaaaattttttttttt!!!

Berries broiled with cream (Cheater berry crème brulee)

Mixed berries broiled with cream recipe, also known as cheater berry crème brulee, made with mixed berries and cream, topped with brown sugar and broiled.

White Pine Berries - pretty! They say they taste like pineapple.

They say they taste like pineapple.

This fruit has so many amazing benefits that's so good for you.  Seabuckthorn aka seaberry.

Sea Buckthorn schnapps has a very special, sweet-acid taste and a beautiful golden colour. Serve with a variety of foods. Excellent as after-dinner drink. Or made into a fine Sea Buckthorn Liqueur.