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This diagram can be used for the visual learners while teaching the layers of the earth.

TEK 4.7A (Supporting Standard) Examine properties of soils, including color and texture, capacity to retain water, and ability to support the growth of plants

Layers of Earths Atmosphere Oooh. I like this graphic too. Maybe I'll use it in 3 years when we do the atmosphere again.

Marcia's Science Teaching: Earth Science PowerPoints : Teaching Mineral Identification | Teaching the Rock Cycle | Teaching Weathering, Erosion, & Deposition | Teaching Water Systems | Teaching Plate Tectonics | Teaching Earthquakes | Teaching Volcanoes |

Nomenclature Cards _a fun Montessori activity. #Montessori free for home and classroom use from abcteach.

Spider Play for Halloween or a great addition to a spider theme and learning about spiders

playdough and textures from Deborah - Learn with Play @ home

Chocolate playdough recipe: easy to make, smells wonderful and great fun to play with.

What DID we do all day?: Layers of the Earth, Magnetism

Planet Earth paintings - process art for kids! A science, art, and play activity all in one. Perfect as an Earth Day project!