Polar swimmer

Swimming Polar Bear Photo: I didn't take this pic. Polar Bears love to swim. This Photo was uploaded by MartysFavoritePics

FOTOGRAFÍA -- National Geographic

National Geographic: Its image mirrored in icy water, a polar bear travels submerged—a tactic often used to surprise prey. Scientists fear global warming could drive bears to extinction sometime this century.

I hope the new system comes before these beautiful creatures go extinct!!

Stock Photography of Polar Bear Cub playing in snow Alaska Zoo - Search Stock Photos, Pictures, Prints, Images, and Photo Clip Art -

Polar Bear w baby

Baby polar bear climbs all over mom and bites her ear. Mothers of all kinds must have patience!

pictures of polar bears don't make me smile as i am all to aware that their time here with us is growing increasingly fleeting, and so the pictures make me want to weep  Polar Bear Mama & Her Baby

Polar Bear Mama & Her Baby: Just checking to see if you are sleeping, mommy.

" Just chillin' after doing my happy dance routine.bh Relaxation by Jesper Nielsen,

Polar bear

Arctic Greeting Photo by Laura Keene — National Geographic Your Shot - One of my favorite photo !

No dejemos que se vallan save the planet ... Cuidemos el planeta

Arctic Composition (polar bear) by Marco Gaiotti what a gorgeous pin ! ( hoped life at the Arctic stays forever.


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