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  • Katie Cody

    Pomsky or Pomeranian Husky mix. I had NO idea that this mix existed! The best part is that it looks like a husky puppy for its ENTIRE life!! Oh so cute!

  • Emma Gaipa

    I'm definitely not a pet person, but for him I might just make an exception!! ♥ A Pomeranian and Husky mix!

  • Jackie Townsend

    Pomsky! Pomeranian husky mix #socute

  • Dawn Stajura

    siberian husky puppies | ... these are the cutest dogs I’ve ever seen : Pomeranian Husky mixes

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A husky pup with bright blue eyes staring at the camera.

Corgi Husky mix. Or the most perfect creature I have ever seen.

Pomsky- I really thought this was a wolf, and every time I look at all I see is something coming to attack me...with its adorable-ness.

This Is A Pomsky! And He Is Cute But I'm Slightly Afraid Of This Pup.. It Looks Like "the Others" For Those Of You Who Understand Game Of Thrones.. Winter Is Coming! Lol

Pomsky puppies are the perfect combination of the adorable fluffy Pomeranian and the athletic Husky.

pomsky.. pomeranian + husky ♥ We must get one. Immediately. Or I might die from the lack of cute fluffiness currently in my life. =]

Happy Friday! This cute little huskie will brighten your day ♥ #dog #husky #animal

Hey! I might be a little stinker, but I am NOT a skunk!

Pomsky Puppies Lovers | All Pomsky Puppies, Info, Picture, Care, Health. Puppies For Sale and More…* I WILL GET THIS PUPPY!!!*