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    Daily Inspirational Message, 12/27/2013 Take back your power, Archangel Raziel: "Use your God-given power and intention to manifest blessings in your life." Read entire message

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Archangel Raziel : "Secret of God" He is said to know all the secrets of the universe and helps with spirituality and clairvoyance. He can open you up to higher levels of psychic abilities and increase your ability to see, hear, know and feel Divine guidance. He also helps with alchemy, divine magic and manifestation. Crystal affinity: Clear Quartz.☀

Archangel Raziel came up in my hand tonight. What a magical and blessed future I have ahead of me!

Archangel Raziel is the wizard and alchemist of the angelic realm and brings us esoteric information and symbols during our time of rest. He brings you this information so that you can gain further spiritual truths. Psychics and mediums often connect with this Archangel. The quartz crystal is the gemstone connected to Archangel Raziel.

arach angel raziel | archangel raziel archangel raziel is the keeper of the divine ...

Archangel Raziel, Angel of Spirituality. Repinned by An Angel's Touch, LLC, d/b/a WCF Commercial Green Cleaning Co., Denver's Property Cleaning Specialists. angelsgreencleani...

Archangel Raziel. Archangel of clairvoyance.

Angel Message from Archangel Raziel: Clairvoyance