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Happy anniversary to those of you who had summer weddings! I hope you will mark the day of remembrance with a creative, meaningful gift and/or dinner to say, “You are still the most important person in my life!” Creative ideas to follow but first…

Every day I want to trust in Him, not myself, my circumstances, or any person other than Jesus. How about you? Is that your desire too?

Lie #2: Because the New Testament teaches that Jesus died so everyone who believes will experience an abundant life, nothing bad will happen to me. One of the first verses I memorized as a new convert was, “I have come that they might have life and have it abundantly” (John 10:10) Yes, the Bible teaches God wants to bless us abundantly. But there are other truths that cannot be ignored about God’s character and purposes.

We are continuing our theme of doors mentioned in scripture and today is about John 10:9. Of all the mentions of the word door in the Bible, this one is most important because Jesus not only likens Himself to a door but claims to be the door. Again, notice He did not say He is a door, but THE door. There is one way, one porch, one threshold, one entrance into eternal life and that is through the door thrown widely open by the cross. Jesus Himself is that portal to life.

Your home is where you nurture your child’s imagination. Imagination is the well-spring of creativity and thankfully it is a gift given to every person as part of our “made in God’s image” genetics. We serve a beautifully creative God and displaying creativity in our homes reflects Him.

Our modern world is so focused on the moment, on individual needs that living for the future, serving each other, and sacrificing for marriage is almost a foreign language. Didn’t we promise on our wedding day to stay together? Did your promise sound anything like this famous quote; “I will be with you forever”? Jesus spoke these words to His disciples before He left for heaven. The words are also repeated in the Bible at least 40 times to make sure we get the point: presence matters.

But like the tiny twinkle of a star breaking through the dense cloud bank, the truth of “Nothing is impossible with God” beckoned me back to hope in my eternal Father. Buoyed by the strength of this promise, I would not quit no matter how difficult, no matter how many mistakes I made (and there were too many)—because “Nothing is too difficult for Thee.”

He is the One who guides, speaks, corrects, teaches, comforts, counsels, and reminds me of everything Jesus said. Which means I must read and take in the words of Jesus, indeed the entire Bible, if I want to hear the Holy Spirit speak.

Lie #3: Prayer is how we convince God to work on our behalf. The Bible teaches this too, right? But at times it seemed He was deaf or had closed His ears to my begging pleas because: Still our granddaughter died. Still our prodigal left home and pursued a destructive lifestyle. Still our daughter was raped. Still our son is physically handicapped. Still my heart was faulty for forty years, and still cancer came uninvited. In all this and more I have experienced deep pain...