The Night Before Thanksgiving Video hmmmmmm.....Thanksgiving party! @Tara Williams! :o)

Groundhog Day Video

I can't imagine a more powerful video on bullying! It's a simple message about Bullying Awareness - the Indirect type... Cyber Bullying, Alienatation and being Excluded.

First, next, then, last... HILARIOUS! (4:20)

Thanksgiving Songs for Children - Ten Little Turkeys - Kids Song by The Learning Station

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Monster Mash.. super cute dance video for kids to take a break or indoor recess.

We don't know what the Minions are actually "saying" but we understand what is going on. Distance Contest (Ending of "Despicable Me") - context clues and inferences YouTube

Music painting <3 #video #drawing #painting

FREE Dolch Words & Phrases Book This is a black & white booklet I make for all of my students each year. It contains all 11 lists of the Dolch Sight Words plus the Dolch Phrases for the students to practice at home.

Stem Challenge: Building Structures with Candy Pumpkins, I am can't wait to do this for Halloween!

Songs/videos for every kindergarten concept under the sun!

The Story of Thanksgiving - Complete version. Fun Summary!

The Mouse on the Mayflower is a 1968 animated Thanksgiving television special created by Rankin/Bass. It debuted on NBC on November 23, 1968. The special is about a mouse named Willum, who is discovered on the Mayflower. Tennessee Ernie Ford voices Willum and narrates.

Let's Have a Dinner (w/ history). Its a video and a song for kids to learn about the first Thanksgiving

Twas the Night Before Christmas - Full Video

3:16- the snowy day-I wish I would have seen this earlier...I read this story 4 times this week!

Pumpkins Party All Night. This is a VERY fun book read by the author. Perfect for fall nights while our pumpkins grow :)

Thanksgiving Songs for Children - Little Pilgrim - Kids Song by The Learning Station

Books • Little Monkey Calms Down

Don't Squeal Unless It's a BIG DEAL - YouTube. About tattling need to check out