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Seriously. Pants suck.

True dat. No pants party's are the best!


this is basically my life motto

story of my life. seriously.

Truth. My life

hahah SO TRUE.

No pants dance

My life motto

I hate pants


I love the pink Starbursts...@stumpf0942 I am still feeling bad for hitting your face today :(

Moments like these make me feel like my life is going somewhere

This is exactly how I feel when it happens to me too...

YES!!!!! This is the best feeling in the world.

success. My fave! Pink starburst.

Got a good laugh out of this one!

That would be heaven

Yesssss !

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The Berryfrom The Berry

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So true

It's like people have been spying on my childhood. This is so true!

So true!! I remember this! Great now I feel old. XD

haha so true. This was my childhood!

Hahaha well now i feel old. #90skids

so true! The good ol' days!

haha so true. #90s kid

Childhood memories

yesss! So true

Funny Stuff - Putting a smile on your face.


My mom would be appalled because she always told me that patience is a virtue. But this is SO TRUE!

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Ha-ha story of my life thoughts exactly

Best e card ever

funny stuff



lol, literally laughed out loud when I saw this! Damn you Hulu & Netflix!

Ugh so true! I need to get rid of Netflix and get my life on track! Lol

Hardwork / Dedication I'm more of the Hulu Netflix ...

Hardwork / Dedication vs hulu /netflix and pinterest

That girl looks nasty. Hulu/Netflix... My life

Hardwork/dedication Vs. Hulu/netflix

The Hulu/Netflix Diet haha, my life

The hulu/netflix workout

haha made me giggle

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Daily Morning Awesomeness (35 Photos)


"I could be a morning person, if morning happened around noon" {I want to be a morning person, but I'm a night-owl, living in the world of the day people. ~ Belle}

I could be a morning person.. if morning happened around noon....this is definitely my husband!

from This is totally me!! daily-morning-awesomeness-1

I could be a morning person... if morning happened around noon.

Daily Morning Awesomeness - I could be a morning person!

true story.

So true ;)

My life.

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this about sums it up!

Stages of procrastination. Pretty much have done this for 21 years of my life haha. Never gets old. Same thing every time. lol funny-stuff

stages of procrastination- truth, my life every semester

This is totally me during every project of my life ever

Story of my college life! actually... just my life life

procrastination truth everyday of my life haha

Story of my life--So true.......

My life during nursing school.

My life as a college student!

stages of procrastination - the scary part is how true this is. funny,Funny shit,Geek-Out,Giggles,quotes/inspiration,story of my life.,Why Yes....,

@Eileen Chapman

Bahahahaha I love seeing E cards that are like written from my life LOL

Story of my life, it comes off as soon as I walk in the door.

your e cards | can feel your Scoliosis meme Your ECard

Truth! first thing off in the door and shoes!!!! :D

My life summed up in an eCard.

Made me giggle :)

Funny stuff:)

Haha so true

True story.

The Berryfrom The Berry

It’s a girl thing (25 photos)


Betty White knows when to say the right words… #tgg #thegoldengirls #bettywhite

The Golden Girls ... Betty white ... I laughed too hard at this

Lmao. Just watched this episode yesterday! Funny stuff.

The Golden Girls/Betty White: I sooo agree!! Hahaha!

Betty White & the golden girls always makes me laugh

The Golden Girls....Yepp!! My life

Rose cracks me up. #goldengirls

So true---The Golden Girls

Makes me giggle


Wednesday is always no pants day.

story of my life, I hate pants!

Three words: No.Pants.Day

I love no pants days.

story of my life. :)

my life motto!!

No Pants Day

My boys! !


This is so true

Never compare yourself to a Disney prince, fellas. <<< This doesn't seem fair, since all girls compare themselves to Disney princesses.

They can't all be Prince Charming

Hah! True story.

Lol true story

True story...

HAHA so true

Disney stuff

Babblefrom Babble

20 eCards to Brighten Your Bad Day

If you would just listen and do something the first time I asked, Mommy wouldn't have to lose her shit. | Family Ecard

Gonna laminate this and put it on the fridge... ;) true story

Not a fan of the cursing... but so funny and so true... lol

Ah ha ha ha true story! For the moms

(True Story) of my life.........

A Freaking Amen! TRUE STORY! LOL

this is funny stuff!!


The Best Motherhood E-cards


You can tell a lot by a woman's hands.

too funny and too true.

Words of wisdom haha

A woman's hands...

LOL.....Too funny!

Body language.

a womans hands

Woman hands!

too funny!!

It's so true.

One of my favorite quotes of all time. I slap in the face of reality that gets you going. #dailyinspiration #purpose

The truth is, nobody ever got anywhere by doing what everyone else is doing. S. Tobak | Entrepreneur Mag

Where are you getting your motivation from this weekend? #WiseWords #Motivation #YourChoice

It is far from simple to show the truth, yet the truth is simple. -Dziga Vertov

It's so true..#quotes#well said#words#thoughts#ispirational#motivational

So true, it's hard to remember sometimes, but it's the truth!

Mindy Kaling's words of wisdom.


Happy Friday, friends! Just a little inspirational quote I ran across and wanted to share it with you. It's SO TRUE! Have a great weekend! xoxo


#Dreams #DreamBig #DreamsDoComeTrue | Etsy: motivational quote dictionary art - If Your Dreams Don't Scare You, They're Not Big Enough book page - inspirational quote dictionary art.

Etsy: motivational quote dictionary art - If Your Dreams Don&#39;t Scare You, They&#39;re Not Big Enough book page - inspirational quote dictionary art.

Big dreams! Inspirational quotes about life. Waseya Shop | Yoga and Meditation Online

Dream big.- My dreams scare me and my husband. :)

Dreams were meant to be big. DREAM BIG!

don't just dream big, dream bigger.

big dreams. Mine scare me!

Dream big; dream bigger...

Dreams big dream scare n

true that.

Our motto in nursing school to not let the patient know it was our first time doing something on an actual human and not a dummy lol

this quote has pushed me through some crazy stuff. i believe it. thing is, when you're faking it with a smile on your face, enduring, you actually end up smiling. . and, it's a true smile. our children know this life lesson very well. it's right up there with loving God and serving others. #Fakeittillyoumakeit

This has been my phrase all my true my peeps, so very true♡

one of my favorite quotes. Fake it till you make it - #success #quote

My life motto


The Time you enjoy wasting is NOT wasted Time. #Quote #Family #Friends #LIFECommunity #Favorites From Pin Board #03

I wish more people would understand this .The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time. #quote #rest #timewasted

"The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time." Great and inspirational quote from Modern Hepburn

Yes! A good excuse for procrastination. "The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time." Quotes.

The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time. @Heather Raines - We need to remember this!

The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time... #quote Via

So true! {Quote} The Time You Enjoy Wasting... Is Not Wasted Time... #quote

this makes me feel better cause i enjoy wasting time

i enjoy wasting time every second of my life

Words I live by

Beauty/Fashion Quote: It's better to be late, than arrive ugly! LOVE this! (Only I'm never late!!)

It’s better to be late, than to arrive ugly. apparently my life motto.

Story of my life! It's called being fashionably late ;)

Haha! Love this! !!! My life's motto! Lol

never ugly. OMGawd my lifes

Fashionably late. Well said!!

#FashionQuote #NICCI loves

Fashionably late. So true

Funny stuff