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Ernest Hemingway

Yes it's that time of the week again for some mid-week motivation. I absolutely adore this "Empty Spaces" poem by Ernest Hemmingway at the moment.

ee Cummings poem

i think this poem should have been a crosby, stills, nash tune (ee cummings)

I think e e cummings knew me...

U have played, I think, and broke the toys u were fondest of. And are a lil tired now. Tired of things that break. And just tired.

Walking contradiction. Alice Walker

Alice Walker brought me to poetry. Be Nobody's Darling ~ Alice Walker (Be your own Darling)

ee cummings love is a place He's one of my favorite poets. Such deep longing for his one true love!

E.E. Cummings - the sexiest thing I've ever read... Wow.

I really enjoy reading ee cummings . I became a fan in high school in an American Literature class. ee cummings poetry was the first poetry.


how to tell a complex story in a few words and silly wordplay - genius (said he).

e e cummings

Cummings, Poetry, January won Poetry’s Levinson Prize in 1939 for his poem “[love is more thicker than forget]”. We’ve just announced the winners of the 2012 Prizes for Contributors to Poetry.

ee cummins

I remember first discovering this poem by e e cummings in college. Even now, when the subject of love poems comes up, this is the one that comes first to my mind.

'And the days are not full enough/ And the nights are not full enough/ And life slips by/Like a field mouse/ Not shaking the grass.' - Ezra Pound

And the days are not full enough And the nights are not full enough And life slips by Like a field mouse Not shaking the grass ~Ezra Pound