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No I don't!

Anderson lowers the IQ of the entire street when he opens his mouth. // NO one wants to be like Anderson.

Oh Martin!

I can't unsee this. Because now that it has been brought to my attention I realize that he really does look ridiculously like Bob the Builder. I absolutely adored Bob as a kid.


The resemblance is uncanny

Benedict has achieved the "Grinch level" smile! :D If you think this is the Grinch watch him in Star Trek Into Darkness!

Two years later. . .  Worth the wait every time, but still!!!  Please Mr. Gattis/Moffat, will you speed up the process a bit?  (Insert hopeful look)

18 months between seasons of 3 episodes. Don't talk to me about waiting a week, silly one.<<<sometimes it's more than 18 months. And we have to come up with theories to the cliffhangers at the end of every season just to survive the wait


I don't usually find yo mama jokes funny but I actually laughed out loud for this one! Also the picture, horrible but hilarious ;

Benedict Cumberbatch on Martin Freeman OMG THE FEELS!! A little pocket hedgehog Martin!!

Top of Benedict's Christmas list is a pocket Martin. XD >> um, I think a pocket Martin tops more lists than just Benedict's.

Who is Sherlock Holmes?

I love Sherlock Holmes in any form! The movies with Robert Downey Jr., TV show with Benedict Cumberbatch, or books by Arthur Conan Doyle!

Sherlock and The lizzie Bennett Diairies collide. I read "hiiii" in Moriarty's voice :)

"What if he's gay? What if he's a serial killer? What if he's a gay serial killer?" "Hello, have you met the Creepypasta fandom?

Discover the bro-mance of Sherlock Season 1. #bestfriendsforever

Sherlock and John Watson. "Punch you?" "Yes, punch me in the face. Didn't you hear me?" "I always hear 'punch me in the face' when you're speaking, but it's usually subtext." A Scandal in Belgravia


I swear if he's still alive when I die, if someone does not pay Benedict to burst into my funeral and say this, I will haunt them for life

My life is spent in one long effort to escape from the commonplaces of existence.


my heart! The Frozen feels plus my Sherlock feels! "Do you wanna play deductions?" Yikes thanks for ruining frozen and sherlock for me. So many feels.

Apply cold water to area of burn! Ooooh! I'm an American, and I love my country, but we should really not be allowed to remake Sherlock Holmes! -_-

Apply cold water to area of burn! I'm an American, and I love my country, but we should really not be allowed to remake Sherlock Holmes! This exactly.

Lol love him

His southern accent in was actually very good (from the small clip I heard). I'm interested to hear his modern southern accent. AND DRAGON ENGLISH.