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    No! Moaning Myrtle had glasses too!!!!!

    • Andi Towns

      That awkward moment when you realize Harry Potter is the only student in the entire school with glasses. Never thought of that...

    • Samantha Kutter

      This is wrong because in the book Percy Weasley had glasses. People need to stop basing Harry Potter solely by the movies.

    • Raul Alvarez

      I will be looking for this when I watch all of the harry potter movies which I just bought as a graduation present to myself.

    • Erin Wilcox

      Funny Harry Potter Pictures – 45 Pics Now I feel the need to watch all the movies to make sure

    • Jessica Macca

      Really? Also, I hate anything that starts with "That awkward moment" but this is too funny

    • Melody Conley

      Harry Potter- actually, this is only true in the movies. Percy has glasses in the books.

    • Funny All The Time

      That Awkward Moment: Harry Potter Style (16 Pics) | Funny All The Time

    • Angie Ramirez

      Harry Potter, why not just use a spell? @Arianna Alvarez so true! lol

    • • Amanda Wanner •

      DAT IS CRA CRA!!! #harrypotter

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