i'd love to be there watching, early in the morning the sun comes up and crowns the mountain king.


This WILL happen

Bucket List.

I want to take a road trip one summer with my best friends when we can drive and go to all 50 states.


Check <3

another place i would LOVE to live.

THIS is my DREAM! I always tell myself I'm going to honeymoon there because it's the only trip I know for sure in my head I will travel for. But before I die, I want to go here if I can go nowhere else in the world.

Vietnam Travel Poster Art, I Love You From Here To Vietnam, Shown in Bright Green - Choose Color Travel , Canvas Poster by HopSkipJumpPaper on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/listing/205573528/vietnam-travel-poster-art-i-love-you

I heard zip lining is so much fun! Definitely on my bucket list!! Check out more pins at www.pinterest.com/milaishop/

bucket list

More than likely won't happen this year but hey for all the things I don't do this year on my summer bucketlist of 2014, I'm adding to my summer bucket list of 2015 <3

Places to go

Did this in 2008!

Bucket List

Bucket List


So sweet

Texas state flag baseball hat with embroidered patch and mesh panels - Civil Standard | Hats for the Hometown Soul

Summer 2007 HU