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One step towards a more organized, simplified life is finally taking action against that pesky junk mail. It works- we get very little junk mail now and used to have a full mailbox many days. Try it, you will be free of wasteful paper.

How Long Should I Keep It For? FREE Printable

get organized - Trying to figure out how long to keep that paystub? Here's a FREE printable to use as a guide - Clean Mama

Family File Organization

Decluttering made easy - 101 items to get rid of without regret


Keep or toss? Just how long should you keep important papers for? Use this FREE printable to determine whether you need to file or shred. Via Clean Mama

Need to know how to save for a on a home? or If you just want to save and budget here is a great chart that I created for your benefit. Courtesy of ReShawna Leaven realtor at Keller Williams Realty Kingstowne Phone:

Printable Bill Pay Checklist

Printable Bill Pay Checklist - check off your bills as you pay them,so you don't forget to pay something Plus lots more free printables!

January purge checklist printable that helps you go through what needs to be thrown away and donated room by room. I do this every year and it's SO helpful! via /thetypicalmom/

the organized closet

The checklist to staying organized. after you had your organizer installed by Adjustable Closet & Cabinets Inc.

Save Money All Year Long!

Time your purchases right and save money all year long with this handy cheat sheet.

When To Buy: A Monthly Guide

When To Buy Guide monthly guide ho saving money all year long appliances linens clothing

28 Helpful Cleaning Tips For Incredibly Lazy People