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from NASA

Mars Science Laboratory - Curiosity

Curiosity lands safely on Mars! With Curiosity now safely on the surface of the Red Planet after last night's spectacular entry, descent and landing in Gale Crater, NASA's Mars Science Laboratory begins its planned primary one-Martian-year (98-week) mission of discovery and exploration. On its first Martian day, designated Sol 0, the rover is checking its health and measuring its tilt. All Sol 0 spacecraft activities appear to have been completely nominal. These include firing...

Mars Landing Sky Show: July 29, 2012: "Every time NASA lands a rover on Mars--or even makes the attempt--it is cause for celebration. On August 5th, the heavens themselves are aligning to mark the event..."

When does the Mars Curiosity rover land on Mars? It lands at 10:31p Aug 5 at mission control at NASA JPL -- that's at 1:31a EDT Aug 6 & 05:31 UTC on Aug 6

Since the Viking Mars probes traveled to the red planet back in 1976, NASA has sent several more probes, landers, and rovers to the Martian surface to study the planet’s geology and search for signs of microbial life. But the evidence for life may have been hidden in Viking’s data all along. A new analysis of the data collected by probes Viking 1 and Viking 2 suggest the missions found evidence of microbial life more than three decades ago.

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NASA’s Car-Sized Curiosity Rover Lands on Mars

Artist's concept of Mars Science Laboratory entry, descent and landing. Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech