27 life hacks girls should know and some for guys. Great tips & tricks everyone can benefit from. Some are quite awesome.

54 Uses For Binder Clips That Will Change Your Life...which was hopeless prior to this info...

Lies, all lies!

Reasons why your life will be easier this year…all great ideas

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Im sorry, WHY have I never thought about this?!

Organising the cords. So simple, yet so effective.

Simple tricks that make you look smart

Here are some simple life hacks that every geek should know about.

May need this some day

Life hack

Let's be honest, every girl has wanted to do this since she first saw it on The Princess Diaries.

Life hacks I will actually use -- the holding your breath while tired thing works... just tried it! Life Hack #LifeHack

How to fix a broken zipper in minutes. Where has this pin BEEN all my life?

Good repurposed household tips & tricks. Why didn't I think some of these?

This website has like 100 cool household tricks I never knew.. check it out!

These multi-purpose clips keep all sizes of cables tidy and untangled. For the home, office, workshop and traveling, CableClip manages your cables in a simple and fun way by keeping cables accessible and organized. Perfect for stowing away all surplus cables.

DIY Wall Art - all you need is an old piece of art (flea market, thrift store finds etc), vinyl letters, a good quote, and paint. Im hoping to do this this week/weekend as a surprise anniversary gift. craft-ideas