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Lady Lilith - Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Lilith, the subject of this painting, is described in Judaic literature as the first wife of Adam. She is associated with the seduction of men and the murder of children. The depiction of women as powerful and evil temptresses was prevalent in 19th-century painting, particularly among the Pre-Raphaelites. The artist depicts Lilith as an iconic, Amazon-like female with long, flowing hair. Her languid nature is reiterated in the inclusion of the poppy in…

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Dig it : Pre-Raphaelite babes

Dante Gabriel Rossetti, ‘A Sea Spell’ 1877.

Lady Lilith modelled by Fanny Cornforth painted by Dante Gabriel Rossetti 1867

Lilith (Pre-Raphaelite - Dante Gabriel Rossetti ?)

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The Lady of the Lake - Medieval Goddess Art 5x7 Card

Balivet, Lady of the Lake

The Blessed Damozel (1870s) D G Rossetti